Verified Identity (TVI)

Elevating Product Authenticity to New Heights

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology and e-commerce, the battle against counterfeit products remains a paramount challenge for brands and consumers alike. Amidst this backdrop, TAGBASE has emerged as a beacon of innovation, offering a robust solution that leverages NFC technology to verify the authenticity of physical products without the need for a dedicated mobile application. This unique approach not only simplifies the verification process but also significantly enhances the trustworthiness of products in the market. Building on this foundation, TAGBASE is poised to introduce a groundbreaking feature that promises to redefine product authenticity: TAGBASE Verified Identities (TVI).

TVI is a testament to TAGBASE’s commitment to authenticity, not just at the product level but extending to the very companies that bring these products to market. In an age where information is abundant yet trust is scarce, TVI offers a beacon of reliability, ensuring that users can trust not only the authenticity of their purchased products but also the legitimacy of the companies behind them. This new feature is set to bolster consumer confidence and foster a more transparent, secure, and trustworthy marketplace.

What is TAGBASE Verified Identities (TVI)?

TAGBASE Verified Identities (TVI) is an innovative feature designed to authenticate not just the products but also the entities behind them. It’s a holistic approach to authenticity, where verification encompasses both the physical item and the company providing it. TVI aims to establish a new standard in product authenticity, where consumers can have absolute assurance about the legitimacy of both the product and its supplier.

How TVI Works

TVI employs several methods to verify a company’s identity, one of the most notable being the addition of a TXT record to the company’s domain via DNS settings. This method is simple yet highly effective, offering a straightforward way for businesses to prove their authenticity. By verifying ownership of the domain associated with their products, companies can earn a “verified” status on the TAGBASE platform, signaling to buyers that they are dealing with a legitimate and trustworthy entity.

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